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Farewell from Principal Kingsley

Dear students and Parents.

Last week I accepted the position of Director, Educational Leadership- Schools Operational Readiness which commences Term 2 in North-West Sydney. After five wonderful years of being the proud principal, my time at Nowra High School has come to an end. It is time to say goodbye to the students, staff and parents of Nowra, whose lives have shaped me and contributed to my development, not just as a principal, but as a person.

I will miss you, especially students of Nowra, for your wonderful presence in our school. A school may comprise of buildings and structures, but the living, beating heart of the school are the human beings, both students and staff that keep it alive.

As a community, you have indeed embraced life to the fullest – on the playground, in classrooms, in workshops, on the sporting field and dance studios, in laboratories and libraries.

Continue to make the most of the education that Nowra High School offers, as well as the values that lie at the core of its education - Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Learning, or as I like to call ‘The Nowra High Way’. Continue to enjoy the friendship and comradeship that you show in your relationships with others and the support you demonstrate for one another.

Keep the fun going, because schools are meant to be happy, joyous places of learning. I take with me wonderful memories of the school musical, cross country races, carnivals and classrooms will always be at the centre of some of the times we shared.

I wish you the best, not just in your education at school, but in the learning journey of life.

Take care of yourself and those you journey with.


Glen Kingsley