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Nowra high school enrolment policy and criteria

Nowra High School maintains an enrolment ceiling based on available permanent accommodation and total numbers in each year group.

Each year group is allocated a certain numberof enrolment positions for local students arriving throughout the year.

These positions are not offered to non-local students.

Feeder schools for Nowra High are Nowra Hill, Nowra, Terara and Illaroo Road. Some students from North Nowra Public School also live in the Nowra High School enrolment zone.

Parents and carers are encouraged to contact the school to enquire about the local zone for Nowra High.

Placement Panel: Non-local Enrolment Applications

The Placement Panel will consider and make recommendations on all non-local enrolment applications.

Members include: 

- Principal (chairperson)

- Deputy Principal

- Staff Member

- P & C Community Member

Criteria for Non-Local Enrolment Applications:

- Demonstrated leadership and commitment to school and learning

- Access learning opportunities offered at the school

- Significant welfare issues

- A desire to access curriculum and social welfare provisions offered by Nowra High which meet the education and welfare needs of the student.

Waiting lists:

 A waiting list will be established for non-local students seeking enrolment but unsuccessful in the first round offers.

The size of the list will reflect the realistic expectation that vacancies will become available.


If a parent/carer wishes to appeal against a decision of the Placement Panel, the appeal should be made to the Principal in writing.

If an appeal cannot be resolved at the school level, it will be referred to the School Education Director who will consider the appeal and make a determination.