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Assessment and reporting

Our teachers use a variety of strategies to assess student learning.

Teachers observe students' work in class and look closely at tasks throughout the year. They also formally assess a student's achievement based on the outcomes described in the syllabus of the subject.

As a parent or carer, you’ll receive a written report twice a year. It gives you a clear picture of your child’s achievements – what they know and can do.

In Years 7 to 10, we use the common grade scale in reporting. In Year 11, we use the Preliminary grade scale.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are assessed on achievement of competencies.


We provide detailed information to students about what we expect from them throughout the year and how their work will be assessed. Students have a number of formal assessments throughout their schooling.



Booklets outlining the assessment requirements for each year are available for download.

Year 7 Assessment Schedule 2020

Year 8 Assessment Schedule 2020

Year 9 Assessment Schedule 2020

Year 10 Assessment Schedule 2020

Year 11 Assessment Schedule 2020

Assessment book appendices

If you will be unable to complete your assessment or if your assessment will be late fill in one of these forms for reporting late assessments due to: