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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is highly valued at Nowra High School. As a school we understand that the study of Visual Arts allows students to become self-motivated and active learners who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understandings needed to be successful in a world that is increasingly mediated by imagery and visual forms of communication and also highly values innovation. 

Stage 4-5 Visual Arts

The Mandatory Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) course provides opportunities for students to explore the Visual Arts in complex and rich ways.


In Stage 4 students work with:

·         ceramics

·         a range of 2D materials including paint, pencil and charcoal

·         lino printing

·         sculpture and assemblage,

·         and also digital technology such as Photoshop and other editing programs.  


Year 7 Art explore the historical significance of Picasso’s Guernica and find connections through their own experiences to create an artwork in the style of Picasso. Term 2 abstract and Indigenous art is explored and developed into a ceramic vessel. Term 3 students create a body of work by exploring the self portrait in a range of 2d mediums.

Year 8 commence work on designing a humorous sculpture to be ‘installed’ in the Shoalhaven and then from a critic’s point of view, write a newspaper article about its success, with the support and guidance of their art teacher. Term 2 students appropriate their world into Pop Art inspired sculptures. Term 3 the genre of lino printing and animals in art throughout history is explored, culminating in each student presenting an edition of lino prints. These works go on display in the MADD Art Exhibition in term 4 in the MPH

The Elective Stage 5 course (Years 9 and 10) provides students with further opportunities to investigate practice in Visual Arts and its contribution to creative and interpretive achievements. In Stage 5 students develop a greater understanding of the field of art through their critical and historical studies and work in a range of forms including:

·         printmaking,

·         ceramics,

·         paint,

·         digital photography,

·         Students continue to develop their technical skills in drawing at every stage. 

Stage 5 students explore a range of mediums and concepts ranging from political art, water, the river and mountain, Surrealism and installations. Students exhibit their self-directed project at the end of year 9 and year 10 in our MADD Week exhibition.

​Stage 6 Visual Arts

Students may elect to study Visual Arts in Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) having studied Visual Arts, Photographic and Digital Media in Stage 5 or with no prior experience.

Year 11 students at NHS will explore 3 concepts in both their artmaking and historical and critical studies:

1.    The personal perspective

2.    Text in Art

3.    Modernity in all its forms

Year 11 will create a canvas painting exploring a personal perspective and may be hung in Headspace in Nowra. They will present an installation in the school on a global issue and a ceramic piece reflecting on the concept of preciousness.


Year 12 students at NHS are encouraged to use the art rooms in study periods and breaks to develop their body of work. The knowledge, understanding, skills and values gained from Visual Arts assist students in building conceptual and practical skills which can be applied in art, craft, design careers, and an array of real world contexts. Students’ critical skills – analysis, reflection, judgement and appreciation of the visual arts and the world – can be lead to careers and further study in a range of fields including but not limited to Art, Architecture, Advertising, Communications, all forms of Design, Film / Television, Digital Media/ Marketing, Galleries/ Museums etc.

5 Case studies are completed in Year 12:

1.    The human form throughout art history

2.    The art of war

3.    Shock and provocation

4.    Feminism

5.    The Oeuvre


Senior students have the opportunity to travel to Sydney to take a tour of major galleries and exhibitions, including ArtExpress and HSC writing workshops. HSC students are encouraged to enter the ‘New Horizons’ HSC Body of Work Exhibition at the Shoalhaven Gallery.

There are a range of art workshops and excursions open to students engaging practicing artists throughout the year. These are ranging from the Shorebirds mural project, Bundanoon workshops, etching workshops, Solidarity Park Project, HSC artmaking workshops, etc.

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