Nowra High School

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Defence School Mentor

Defence School Mentors are part of the Defence School Mentor Program, an initiative of the Defence Community Organisation. They are found in schools where there are sufficient numbers of students who have a parent serving in the Australian Defence Force.

Support for Defence students

Miss Hazel Jenkins is the Defence School Mentor (DSM) at Nowra High School. She is in school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and can be contacted through the school office or by email.

Phone 02 4421 4977 ask for extension 139  


The DSM provides information, support and referral to students from Australian Defence Force (ADF) families. This is particularly so during transition into or out of the school, or during parental absence due to deployment, exercises or courses.

The response of students to changed circumstances can vary considerably. Some adapt well whereas others may experience difficulties.  As a result, social and emotional factors that affect behaviour, self-esteem and academic performance may become apparent. 

To further assist Defence students, the Defence School Mentor is also part of the school's student Wellbeing team.

The DSM works with individuals and groups to:

  • Support and assist young people of Australian Defence Force families to integrate into the school community.

  • Raise on-going awareness of mobility issues facing students.

  • Assist students to build on their self-confidence and resilience.

  • Encourage young people to explore options and to make the most of opportunities available to them.

    This can include:

  • Co-ordinating appropriate welcoming and farewelling strategies for young people of ADF families.

  • Identifying the issues and needs of these students.

  • Monitoring student's day to day social and emotional well-being.

  • Facilitating student participation in cultural, sporting, academic and personal development programs.

  • Linking students to school and community programs.

  • Being a contact to parents of mobile ADF students in the school.

  • Enhancing the relationship between the school and their Defence community