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Daily notices

Daily notices are notices posted in our Sentral portal available to students, parents and teachers and replicated here for those who don't have access to Sentral.

Daily notices thursday 4th june (week 6)

Junior sport year 7 and 8
Daily notice by Ms Farquhar
Can students who
1. Haven't selected a sport yet
2. Need a permission note for fishing/power walking
3. Have any questions regarding sport
Please see Miss Farquhar in the sport staffroom at recess today. Please do not wait until sport starts this afternoon.
If you need to check what room your sport meets in, please check the lists on the window outside near the k block entrance before sport.

Senior Study year 11 and 12
Daily notice by Dr Hamilton
Senior study will run every thursday from next week (june 11), during periods 5 and 6 in the library. This includes academic, vocational and wellbeing support for all students in years 11 and 12 to assist and support you as you journey towards your High School Certificate (HSC). Teaching and wellbeing staff will be present at every session.
Let us help you to reach your full potential! 

Stage 6 - friday p6 activities Years 11 and 12
Daily notice by Mr Loupos
From this friday 5 june, stage 6 - years 11 and 12 will have 3 options in lieu of an assembly during period 6
1. Attend the faculty led activities
2. Attend a study period in the library
3. Leave early on flexible attendance
This will continue for the duration of term 2 or until further notice is received from the department of education regarding assemblies in schools.
Any questions please see Mr Loupos

Aerosol sprays all years
Daily notice by Mr Orange 
A reminder that aerosol sprays, such as deodorant cans, are banned at school. This rule is helpful for students with asthma who are affected when students choose to spray deodorant inside a classroom. Let's respect our fellow students here at Nowra High.

Thank you for the feedback regarding the perceived grammatical errors occurring in our daily notices posted on our school webpage and here on Facebook.
In accordance with the department of education’s digital content style guide, we are deliberately asked to minimise the use of capital letters. This makes any posts or articles easier to read for those who are visually impaired and using screen readers.
This supports the department’s inclusivity policy.
Thank you.

'Off and Away' all years
Daily notice by Mrs Wellington
Students are reminded that all hats, mobile phones and other electronic devices should be 'Off and Away' - turned off and away in your bags. If any student fails to follow this school rule, teachers will instruct you to report to one of the deputies to have your device written up and placed in a secure safe, to be collected at the end of the school day. Non compliance will result in further disciplinary action. Let's work together the 'Nowra High Way' and have your hats & mobiles 'Off and Away'.

Homework centre all years
Daily notice by Dr. Hamilton
The homework centre is open every wednesday in the library from 3:30-5pm. All students are welcome to attend. There will be food and drinks available to keep you going. Please bring your homework or assessments with you as there will be teachers in attendance to help you.

School uniform-all years
Daily notice by Mrs Wellington
A reminder that there are to be no hooded jumpers worn to school. This includes combined high schools (CHS) sports jumpers, south coast representative jumpers, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) and any other coloured hoodie. Students should all be wearing the school sanctioned uniform including jumpers and blue bottoms only (ie shorts, skirts, tracksuit pants) Grey jumpers or pants are not part of the NHS uniform.

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