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NAZZA rewards

NAZZA rewards is our system of rewarding positive behaviours.

Each student will be issued with a Nazza Rewards Card where staff can note up to ten positive behaviours per card. 

The cards can be picked up from Year advisors.

Staff will award NAZZA's to acknowledge identified desired behaviours which are on the NHS Matrix.

When students have filled five NAZZA cards, they staple them together and place in the boxes outside the deputies' offices.

Examples of prizes which can be purchased at the retail store, twice per term, using NAZZA points are:

For fifty NAZZA rewards you can get:

  • NHS stationery, NHS stress ball
  • Cut in canteen pass, Canteen vouchers

For one hundred NAZZA rewards you can get:

  • NHS drink bottle, NHS hat, NHS coffee mug
  • Choose music for PA for a day
  • Beanbag on assembly.
  • Be the school mascot for a day.

Can qualify for the yearly rewards excursion

For two hundred NAZZA rewards you can: 

  • negotiate a reward with your Year Advisor
  • have your name documented online
  • gather the rewards over 6 years

End of year NAZZA excursion

A one day excursion with a suite of options with ranging venues and costs available for all students with 100 NAZZA's over the year to attend.

Everyone who reaches 100 points in that year can go. If they are on a stage at time of excursion they cannot go.